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    40/60 mix of coolant?

    I read in the sea doo manual that a 40 anti./60 h20 % mix in hot areas will increase cooling performance. I never heard of anyone talking about this with all the thermostat mods and heat fade stuff.

    Just incase you didn't know...

    Also I assume the factory ships 50/50 in the ski. Anyone know for sure?


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    If 40/60 worked well I bet 40/60 and water wetter would work even better.

    You would probably have to take it out riding then pull it out and empty the coolant and replace with 40/60 and see if your speeds are the same.

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    I used 50/50 and added 1 bottle of Water Wetter and it had not heat fade at all.
    I went to 2 bottles of Water Wetter and just water and noticed it ran warmer so maybe the 60/40 thing has something going for it??

    I will be adding some 50/50 before I ride again.


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    don't forget to use distilled h20

    when i was doing some resarch, i found that plain water was not as effective and h20 and glycol mix.

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