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    On plane problem

    I have a sl 650 that is giving a problem. It is not coming up on plane like it used too. When you start out it drags in the water for a while, I have to turn back and forth to get it up and going. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sounds like the carbs need cleaning..Welcome to the hulk. there stuff on how to..on the front page, check some of that out and read for a few hours about dsifferent stuff, get acquainted with your ski with its good and points, then do a thorough carb cleaing, line replacement and updates... might cost ya 200.00 to do everything but it wont blow up on ya them.

    any pics? we love pictures! it helps all of us help ya.. we can show ya show to post them if you need help. just ask.

    you didnt suck a rock up did ya? that could bend the blades in the impellor or pump stator and cause ya not to plane anymore.

    could be low gas, old gas, lines clogged, leaking air somewhere.

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    Welcome to the Hulk BP.

    Does the engine wind up an the ski goes no where? Or does it take the engine a while to get up to speed?

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    The engine winds up and sounds normal. It will eventually get on plane after I turn the handle bars back and forth and then the ski runs great. I don't think it is a engine problem.

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    Take a flashlight and look in to your pump and see if the impeller is chewed up and or you see a gap between impeller and wall. As a side note I picked up a bread bag one time and it left me stranded wrapped all around the shaft before the impeller. It was a long afternoon. LoL

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