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    So Cal.....
    Sounds like a good time......

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    Sounds like they ripped the idea from Jerry's mudbug.........

    I bet Jerry hopes they do it, so he can just show up and have fun and not have to put the event together.......

    Am I right about that Jerry?

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    No, they are the ones that put on the florida rally series, and since they aren't doing that any more, We all asked them to put on a big event involving drags, and possibly other events like bouoys. Everyone I know loves the drag races, and would like an organized event some where in central florida, so many people can go. Hopefully once or twice a year

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    I'm interested! There's been talk about it for awhile here in So. Fl. but nothing has materialized; just impromptu grudge racing at one of the local watering holes.

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    I would love to see them get this thing kicked off. Its definately good for the sport to have multiple events across the country.

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