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    Unhappy Some issues with my 2009 RXT 255 iS

    Hey guys. So two weeks ago I decided to take my RXT IS for a spin, for about the 3rd or 4th time this season. All was great and there were some nice waves rolling in (about maybe 3-4 feet or so, if that), and there was the local beach nearby with people on the docks watching and stuff. So I decided to show off a little bit.

    I started just having fun and wave jumping a little bit (just got the machine last August and I've used it maybe 15-20 times now, so I'm still getting used to it). It was great fun jumping off the waves, and jabbing the throttle a little and getting almost the entire machine in the air a few times. I also did some really TIGHT turns on it and got water going over the bow and I got it soaked.

    So anyway, after about an hour of playing around, some tight donuts and a few jumps and then cruising and taking a 3-5 minute break by totally stopping, I jumped off a wave or just did a donut (can't remember which one), the CHECK ENGINE message scrolls across the screen... 2 seconds later, the IBR light comes on... I was like FRICK! I stopped the machine, and I was about 20-30 minutes from the marina, so I didn't want to turn it off and risk getting stranded. So I begin riding back, and the machine didn't go over 30MPH! To add insult to injury, the machine won't go into NEUTRAL nor REVERSE. I get back to the docks, back the trailer down and DON'T EVEN ASK how I managed to get the machine perfectly loaded onto the trailer without neutral or reverse working (call it perfect timing and quick reflexes)... Haha!

    Anyway, I look and the reverse bucket is stuck in the upward position. I strap it down, take it home and get on the phone with the dealer, telling them my issues and they said to bring it in. I vent the machine out, as I do after every trip, except even after 2 hours later, the engine compartment is still pretty damn warm! Another thing is when I went to check error codes, I just "touched" the DESS key to the post, WITHOUT even plugging it in, just gently held it to the post, the machine would fire up if I pressed the START/STOP button... Geeze! And some people complained their keys weren't being pushed in enough?? Mine just needs to touch the post and it works! At one point, I got P1658 but the next day I checked, before towing it to the dealer, and nothing on the ERROR CODES menu! Soooo wierd!

    What could've happened out there on the water to have caused this? Was I hitting the waves too much and jabbing the throttle (not WOT or anything, just a slight jab to get a little air)? I used the IBR brakes earlier (and they worked perfectly fine), but of course I did NOT use them when I was jumping or doing donuts. Also, I had water going over almost the entire machine (not submarine, but pretty wet) when I was doing the donuts. Is that not a good idea?? I've done it before and may have just been lucky until that day. I'm not crazy or a stuntman or anything, in fact, I'm still getting used to this machine (1st PWC ever), so I don't really ride it hard, I was just having a little fun out there... I sure hope that this machine isn't so sensitive and that these problems won't happen again (even though I'll be more careful with it from now on).

    I think that's enough talking... What's your opinion guys/gals?

    The dealer was backed up pretty bad with people wanting to summerize their boats/PWC's, but I called today and its now in the shop and I was told that he'll give me a call tomorrow to let me know what's going on with it. Its under warranty so I'm not too concerned, but somehow a bit disappointed.

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    Shouldn't have done any bad damage to it, maybe just jarred somthing losse that wasn't tightened properly? I'm not a mechanic, someone else will probably do better diagnosing it.

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    There are 2 bolts on the inside left of the pump tunnel which can come loose, and lock the IBS in where it is.

    They are the one that fits central to the actuation spindle, and one that is about 4cm closer to you as you look at the spindle.

    The other problem coulkd be in the IBS motor module in the rear left(looking toward the front from the rear).

    .....I have seen water actually inside this, which = $900 to fix. It should not allow water in in the first place, but you should have warranty to cover it. Seadoo honour such problems very efficiently.

    Best bet is to look at the two bolts first, but they are a pain to get to. DO NOT overtighten them either, as the plastic/bronze threading will strip out. Use 242 locktite on the cleaned threads if you take them out.

    Usually you will have to get connected to BUDS to check/clear/excersise the system when all looks good.

    One of the reasons to get it serviced at a good place where they check all the mechanical wizzardry, which is part of the higher cost.

    Excellent Ski though, a real credit to advanced tech from BRP. Well worth the $$'s.

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