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    I have an 01' slx and was out jumping waves and had an idea and wanted to see if anyone has done this:

    I was wanting to put toe straps in the foot wells so when I hit a wave (not perfectly) that instead of going nose up I could use my legs to balance the boat out (like they do with stand ups)

    Any suggestions?

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    Honestly, it sounds like a good way to hurt yourself but that's just my opinion.

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    I do know a friend of mine did it for about a year when he got tangled up in that bad boy and broke a toe, he took them off. Not that they didn't work but because he was getting older and more careless, I can see the potential for some injury, that's for sure.

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    I pretty much used my 97 SL900 for wave jumping primarily, and I never had an issue with my feet coming off the turf. For the most part I just shifted my weight on the ski to get it pointed back in the direction I wanted it to go while in the air...

    Putting loops in the footwells sounds like a good way to have a major injury.

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    they make foam lifters that you can install on side of footwells,see few people with that setup(not me!)

    later cdpcb

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    You could probably 'glass in some footholds like the freestyle standup guys use. That way your feet can easily release. Look at some of the standup parts sites, starting with the X. You'll see what I mean.

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