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    2001 XLT 1200 - New to me. First Steps?

    Hello -

    Is this the right place to ask mechanical questions? If not, can someone please direct me to the best (sub)forum here?

    Here's the specs:
    2001 XLT 1200
    130 hrs.
    I cannot vouch for past maintenance / or service of this ski.

    First question:
    Checked compression. With #1 being front and #3 to the rear, the compression last week was:
    #1 - 121 psi
    #2 - 120 psi
    #3 - 110 psi
    How are these for acceptable limits? Does this spread indicate minor / major problems?
    (#3 @ 110 = I suspect ring wear, but no bad cyl / pis damage - am I correct?)
    High-level answers on this, please. I'm not too worried about specifics on major stuff right now - I'm just trying to ID early if I am a candidate for a major overhaul of the engine.

    Second question:
    I'd like to really "check it out" thoroughly before trying to drop it in the water. I have the service manual and thought about working my way through the maintenance routine before running it for any period of time.

    Does this sound like a solid plan - working the service manual maintenance sched. line-by-line?

    Third question:
    Being new to PWCs, these guys seem pretty cramped under the hood.
    Is it customary to pull the engine on PWCs to do maintenance, or do you try to keep it in as much as possible?

    Thanks so very much. I'd been reading here for a while, and waiting to have some free time and I'm ready to tear into these things to get them out on the water.

    More questions to follow. Please let me know if you need more detail.

    Thanks again for the wealth of information here!

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    Mods - can you please move this thread to Yam 2-stroke forum? I didn't read the "where to post" sticky.

    Thanks again!

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