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    How to change cluster on gp1300r ?

    I open the front hood and see 2 bolts. Used a 10mm wrench but the nut and the screw spins together. I see it kinda rusted together. Do I. Have to break it off or is that not the right 2 bolts ?

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    You can remove the cowlings with out breaking the plastic tabs. The 2 screws on the bottom and the two in the front storage area under the visor. The nuts are 8mm. Lee

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    i gonna vice grip the screw so it will hold still and unscrew it like that. my cluster crapped out because i shorted the speedo sensor wire

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    Just take the bars off and lift everything off. Its worth it to nor break a tab.

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    What tab ? But isn't those two screws holding the cluster in ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djpeetur View Post
    What tab ? But isn't those two screws holding the cluster in ?
    Dude, get yourself a manual, or SEARCH the forum.
    you already got some good advice and although simple to remove there are items to be unplugged and disconnected and taken apart and assembled again properly. there is no FAST easy answer.

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    ok those 2 10mm nuts were the hatch for the front hood. what 4 screw are u talking about?

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