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    Supercharger hose

    I have an 08 RXP-X and have been having the hose blow off. The one that goes between SC to IC. Bought better clamps thru McMaster Carr after doing a search on here. I've cleaned the hose with brake cleaner then windex. I've tried it all. Anyway I wanted to upgrade to silicone since it will handle temps and pressure better. In the online store R&D offers 2 hoses.

    My question is are both for after the intercooler. Or is one after (with the blowoff valve) and the other between SC and IC?

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    My RXPX was doing the same thing. I just bought another oem hose and it has been fine.

    Those kits look like they are both the hose from the SC to IC, only one has a BOV.
    I kinda like the one that does not have a BOV. If I have problems again I may try one of those.

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    I think both the R&D hoses are only the one from I/C to TB. The one from the SC to I/C has a crazy bend in it.

    I used Silicone Intake t-clamps, but I doubt it matters. If you get the clamps just right they will hold the hoses on. I also used a paper towel with rubbing alcohol on the hoses, I/C, TB,and SCer.

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    buy the 2.5" clamps from silicone intakes, i had the same problem with mine,ever since i put one on these t-bolt clamps on no problems.I have the same model ski you do, they have a problem blowing off, mine use to blow off twice a ride.

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    Just put an OEM 185/215hp clamp on it. 420851703

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    I still dont know how you guys blow off hoses. I use mcmaster carr worm clamps and never even have it slip a tad. Whats going on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed_Freak_039A View Post
    I still dont know how you guys blow off hoses. I use mcmaster carr worm clamps and never even have it slip a tad. Whats going on?
    2 issues.....

    the Riva couplers are too large for the SC and the throttlebody, and not tightening the clamps enough.

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    my buddies PX was doin the same thing and this is what i used to fix it. i had all this laying around took me about 15mins to whip up

    OE 215hp SC to TB hose
    2.75" 2-T-bolt clamps
    2.75" 45 deg alum tubing
    2.75" 90 deg silicone coupler

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