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    Who IS Joe Kenney

    K guys - I've really been remiss in updating stuff or this event...please forgive me - I've had some work and medical junk keeping me too busy, but I'm baaaaaaaaaack now

    Here's the article I wrote which will be posted in the Festival program, and hopefully in local/regional newspapers - hope as many of you as possible - stand-up or runabout riders alike, can join us this weekend - it's going to be a ton of fun.:

    Who IS Joe Kenney?

    At 6 foot two, he’s 205 lbs. of handsome, surfer-dude looking brawn. Women adore him, men want to be him, and given the chance, he’ll charm your grandma into buying him free drinks. It’s been said he must have balls the size of Texas, because he can do things with a jet ski that will make your jaw drop. On Sunday, October 22nd, at the Grand Avenue Beach entrance in Pismo Beach, CA, Mr. Kenney and 15 of the world’s fiercest jet-skiing “Freeriders” will go head-to-head for the top position at the inaugural “HydroTurf Freestyle Surf Slam.”
    So who is this guy? In 1987, at the tender age of 16, Joe Kenney began riding stand-up jet skis. He competed on what was then considered the badass machine – a Kawasaki 650. After success in sanctioned close course racing, he was looking for an alternative method of training in the off season. Living in nearby Morro Bay, it seemed natural to combine his love of surfing, and riding jet skis by “playing in the waves when they were uncooperative for surfing.” It proved to be an effective training regime, and a whole lot of fun. Skip ahead 20 years…
    Nowadays, Joe is fortunate enough to be a fully sponsored rider who travels the world over to exotic locales for international competitions, magazine spreads, and video shoots. He possesses a stable of some of the most beautifully custom painted stand-up jet skis, built with the sickest motors compliments of Blowsion Kustom Kolors. And the guy can ride.
    But he’s got his hands full with 15 worthy opponents in this event. Eric Malone, the multi world and nationally ranked freestyle champion from Pennsylvania will be joining him in the break. Making the trek from France is Pierre Maixent, who placed 2nd in the 2006 IFWA’s World Tour. World famous Australian Freerider John Cook and local pros Taylor Curtis (Morro Bay, CA) and Jerry Brandon (Atascadero, CA) will also vie with a full compliment of professional riders for that top spot on the podium. With a twist on conventional freeriding competition, this event requires they compete on “class boats,” which completely levels the playing field. Skill, not funding will decide this competition.
    The riders will rip it up and push their machines beyond their limits competing in head-to-head heats while getting HUGE air and performing INSANE surf riding. For the virgin spectator, freeriding consists of jumping and surfing maneuvers with personal watercraft in the ocean. Many of the tricks mimic those found in supercross – only these take place on a wall of moving water. Nose Grabs, 180º’s, Cancan’s, Superman’s, Heel Clickers, Nothing’s, Back Flips and Barrel Rolls, combine with a series of Re-entries, where the rider surfs the wave, launching off the lip and landing back on top cleanly. Heats are run, and points are given not only for going huge, but doing so with big style.
    Joe’s goal for the event is to help gain exposure for the sport while raising money for some exceptional causes. The SCI Research Advancement, which is dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injury caused paralysis, and the Clayton Memorial Foundation, which assists injured motorcycle racers. He’d also like to build greater partnerships with other extreme sports such as Sling Surfing, and the WORCS motocross racing series to create a more exciting venue for spectators of the sports.
    In addition to the on shore motorcycle races and festival, Joe pointed out there’s much more to watch on the water. “The sling surfing is going to include great aerial performers like Josh Sleigh from San Diego, and Nate Tyler from the Central coast. These guys are world renowned, cutting edge surfers who are sponsored as Freesurfers. They and their counterparts love the opportunity to compete in a whip-in formatted aerial surf contest, and I assure you, this is an amazing sport to take in. I hope to see the beach packed with new and experienced spectators alike. I guarantee, they’ll have a great time!”
    The HydroTurf Freestyle Surf Slam is sponsored by HydroTurf, Blowsion Kustom Kolors, and Joe Kenney wishes to thank his sponsors: Yamaha, HydroTurf, Blowsion Kustom Kolors, Jet Pilot, RIVA Motorsports, Jet Ski Unlimited, and CTI. For more information, go to or

    Photos compliments of Heather Selwitz
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    I think the intro is a little to love novelish for the paper but it sounds good. I think a lot of people with come.

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