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    97 GTX 787 Surges when warm

    I bought a 1997 GTX with a 787 motor that was sitting for a few years (60 hrs on motor 175/170 compression). It starts right up and runs perfectly fine until it warms up. After about 10 minutes of riding, any speed above 4500 RPMS, the engine begins to surge. The fuel lines have been changed but I don't know when or if the fuel selector and carbs are clean. This is going to be first thing I check, but thought I would ask for your wisdom first.

    If the fuel system is gummed up, how come it runs perfect for 10 minutes before it starts surging? When warmed up, if you let off the gas it idles perfect and will rev to about 6500 before bogging down and surging. You can run it below 4500 rpm however with no surging.

    It has new plugs and battery, fresh gas with Seafoam, and I have ran about 5 gallons through it with no change. I recall years ago I had a snowmobile that had a similar problem and it turned out to be the crank seals. Any thoughts before I start with the fuel system - is there something electrical I should be looking at? Thanks

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    Same problem here...anyone have an answer for us? Thanks!!

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    Sounds like the same problem I have... because now that I think about it, it's after the jet ski is warm before it starts the surging in/out. I posted my problem here:

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    Thanks for posting your thread link. That is exactly what ours is doing as well, and just after an engine rebuild (on a 97 gts). This past weekend, we were so thrilled to have both skis going for the first time across the lake after the rebuild, wide problems. Then, once the boat caught up, took off again and it started surging, and kept it up. Limped it back to the trailer and finished the day with one. Have a carb rebuild kit ordered...hope this does the trick before next weekend. Will keep everyone posted!!

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    clean your carbs and filter screens, replace needle and seats, new fuel lines, clean fuel selector

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