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    96 sl750 ready to shoot it with shotgun

    I got a basket case 750. fresh bore, wiseco pistons, tripple pump, carbs clean and poping off at 15psi, all new fuel lines restrictor is in.
    has wery rough idle and falling flat when you give it gas.
    you can pull the choke and nail ti and it will bust open for a few seconds but still not smooth

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    Did you check the crank shaft index?

    Did you replace all the fuel lines, and clean up the fuel selector? It is important that the fuel system from tank to fuel pump be air-tight, since it is under suction.

    If the fuel lines are clear, can you see any air bubbles in the fuel flow to the pump?

    Which spark plugs are you using?

    Have you trimmed the ends of the spark plug wires and re-screwed the spark plug boots on?

    Checked for correct ohms in the ignition coils and magneto stator?

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    This is the same thing my SL750 did for years. New top end, everything checked out, bogged unless you pump the choke.

    Couldn't find a solution, and parted it out...

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    What are your carb screws adjusted at?

    Did you check the filters inside the carbs?

    How did the reeds look?

    Did you leak down test the engine?

    And welcome to the Hulk.

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