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    deleting text HTC HERO

    I cannot delete the texts fast enough and it is RIDICULOUS

    some of the threads are in the 3000+ range which i know is a lot however the guys are telling me i have to delete 1 by one and it takes

    about 20 seconds to delete 1 text

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    do a soft reset ( take out the battery ) or have it replace 4 times in one year and get the new htc

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    Re: deleting text HTC HERO

    The hero is plagued with text deleting issues. Since the messages virtually do not take up any space I have given up and just forget the deleting. Cept that all was before the day I began rooting and Roming. Each time you flash new Roms it automatically deletes all messages. Use Google talk and you'll never have to worry bout deleting.

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