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    Last Wednesday Night Race at Big Break - Oakley

    Hey Summer isn't over yet........ I got burnt to a crisp at Antioch on sunday...(but it was worth it) Talk about some beautiful weather!!! Besides the windstorm on friday it's been beautiful up here all week. I think it was nice today - but I was in bed for about 18 hours recovering from a mild case of exhaustion...

    Wednesday is coming up fast, and it will be the LAST night race of the season, but not the last of the series. ( 3 day races to follow)
    I'm almost kind of bummed. Although it involves a lot of work, I've actually looked forward to putting on these evening races. It's hard to believe its getting dark at 7:15, instead of 8:45 when we first started in June.

    Racing will be at Big Break this wednesday. Same gig as usual. Practice opens at 3 with racing at 5:30. I have a feeling the point standings will get shook up a bit this week....

    Prupas is sitting in a comfortable spot with 765 points.
    Frades isn't too far behind but he probably won't be here.
    Rocket Girl Biggs is out with a shoulder injury,
    and Chris Walker has work schedule conflicts to contend with.
    That could open the door for Mr. Fire Hydrant himself - Gary Crane on the 08 Honda, to bump up a couple places on the board.
    Eco Water Rocket #2, ML Johnson could move into the top 6 with a good finish. Super Standup guy Dustin Raymond could bust up a couple more notches with a good run as well.

    I talked to Derrick at the ski clinic the other day and he said Matt Ford's SeaDoo is all ready to go...When it's running, its a fast machine. Matt might just be able to push the envelope and squeeze into the top 10 along with Super Sitdown rider - Shon Kammerer on the Kawasaki.

    Anything can happen here and it's pretty cool watching it come to a close... Jake's Honda was making a definate whining sound last race...
    (The same sound Johnsons Yamaha was making before a bearing blew out..) That could definately rock the boat.
    Rocket Girl Biggs??? She's sitting sweet right now, but if she's out for the season with her shoulder, thats gonna hurt and I'm not talking about her shoulder! She's worked really hard to get into that #3 spot and is only 35 points behind Frades.
    We'll just have to wait and see what happens!

    To all of you who have come out for Wednesday night races at one time or another - I sincerely thank you. We learned a lot this year and next year will be even better! We have some cool plans on the horizon, but we're still wrapping up this series...
    I hope you can make it out for one last Wednesday...
    Looking forward to seeing you.

    Jim Lambert

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    That sounds like a lot of fun. I wish i lived closer so i could come watch you guys.

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    DJSA Wednesday Night Results - race 9 of 12

    Re: DJSA Wednesday night course racing - Big Break Marina Oakley
    Race 9 of 12 is on the books...
    Tonight was "Nascar night, and because it was the last night race of the season, it was also "Rider appreciation night."

    All this started out back in May by being short track "circle racing", but alot of the standup guys wanted to see more and more turns each week.
    Some nights we were running closed courses with 12 buoys set out...
    Thats fine for the standups, but those tight courses really slow down the big boys on the sitdowns and you often miss out on seeing that incredible power. Not tonight junior.....

    Tonight we ran a course I decided on, and that was a short and sweet box course with a switchback on the right side.
    4 left turns with 1 right turn thrown in. It was probably one of the funnest courses I've set up yet in this entire series.
    In fact - it was so much damn fun, safety boat dude "Super Dave Singer" and I had to take the Dux boat out and represent inbetween races!!!
    Now that was a kick in the *** !!!

    It was definately another "Sit down" night...Not one standup was anywhere to be seen - but the Sits represented and were definately the show of the night for this last night race of the season.

    Congrats to the Eco Rocket Girl Cheryl Biggs who blazed into 2nd place of the series, with 3 solid 1st place runs tonight. Biggs is now only 150 points behind Series leader Jake Prupas. (Jake couldn't make the show tonight because of car problems.) We missed you and your helmet cam dude!
    With only 150 points between these 2 exciting racers, Biggs isn't just knocking on the door - she's kicking it down!!! (I'm thinking Jake is going to be wishing he had rented a car to get here)

    The mover of the night award goes to Modified Sitdown Dude, and the only Sea Doo rider of the series - Matt Ford.
    Matt jumped up 5 places in the series with 3 wire to wire wins worth 100 points, and now sits in the #8 slot in points. My money says he's got an excellent shot at finishing in the top 5 when it's all said and done in October. Congrats Matt!

    There wasn't any rain in the forecast, but Matt has this thing about having a dark cloud following him around....
    Back on the water, after some recent motor work by the Ski Clinic, Matt looked strong in all 3 runs, and he is always one of the most photogetic riders of the series. He runs hard, he runs fast, and he throws a wall of water similar to that of the fire hydrant himself - Gary Crane.(Gary is taking care of some softball induced bruised ribs and the Red Honda wasn't in the line up tonight)

    After Matt trailered his ski, he didn't have the happy look you would expect to see from someone who just racked up 100 points in the series....
    Seems Matt is having some Rave Valve problems after all that motor work was just done, and he found oil blown all over the inside of the engine cover... Definately not a good sign.....

    Matt, your dedication to racing is nothing less than admirable, and despite all your setbacks, your enthusiasm never fades. I swear on a stack of bibles, if you can't get your ski fixed before the 15th, I'm going to find someone to loan us a Sea Doo so you can continue to go out and represent the last 3 races of the series!

    Anyways, it was a great night to run our last night race...
    It was chilly, it was breezy, and the sun set at 6:58.
    The water temp is now down to 68 degrees and although it didn't feel like summer, it was definately nice to kick it at the launch ramp after it was all over, and enjoy the Mt. Mikes pizza, compliments of staff members Super Dave Singer and Lety Jones. (That ice cold coors lite tasted pretty good too... theres just something great about pizza and ice cold beer!)

    I've been sick all week and now I'm freezing and have the chills, so I'm heading to bed with some Nyquil...Don't have time to reduce all the photos to post but here are the ones which sum up the night....

    Rocket Girl, congrats on working your way up the ladder into 2nd place.
    For your first year of racing that is an incredible accomplishment, and I know Eco Water is proud of you...

    Mr. Matt Ford,
    not 1, not 2, but 5 places up the points board.... not bad buddy.
    You'd never know your ski was coating itself with oil under the hood because you looked great tonight. I hope you get everything straightened out. I'll be anxious to hear what Derrick has to say about the Rave valves... I didn't want to say this when you were looking all bummed out but -

    I used to fly an ultralight plane with a 618 Rotax motor with Rave valves. I had a major problem with pinhole air leaks at the Raves which caused numerous piston seizures. I finally went with a smaller Rotax motor which didn't use the Rave system and never had any more probs...
    You think you got it bad on the water??? Try seizing a motor on an ultralight floatplane at 800 feet over Lost Isle..... Its a longgggg way back home! Good luck with it Matt. Call if you need anything.

    To all of you who have come out on Wednesday nights at one time or another - we sincerely thank you. We learned alot this year and we appreciate your support, your suggestions, and your patience.
    Next year the DJSA summer series will be on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but we'll probably throw in a couple wednesday night races just because they're so much damn fun!

    We still have 3 more races to go before we'll know whose going to Las Vegas as the DJSA #1 rider... There will be cash awards and prizes for the top 10 riders of the series which will be awarded immediately after the final race on October 29th.
    We hope to see you out there.

    Next race is set for sunday, October 15th.
    Location to be announced.

    Until next time, ski safe to be safe!


    Heres the latest point standings following race #9...
    Diablo Jet Ski Action
    Wednesday Night Series Point Standings
    As of 9/27/06
    Race 9 0f 12 Big Break Oakley

    1) J. Prupas 765 SF SuperSit Hon
    2) C. Biggs 615 Oakley SuperSit Yam
    3) C. Frades 550 Oakley ModStnd Kaw
    4) C. Walker 450 Pleasnt SuperStnd Kaw
    5) G.Crane 380 Oakley SuperSit Hon
    6) A.Padgott 300 Hayward ModStnd Kaw
    7) B. Mancini 275 Pleasnt SuperStnd Kaw
    M.Ford 250 Stockton SuperSit Seadoo
    9) ML Johnson 230 Oakley SuperSit Yam
    10)K. Samuels 200 Benicia Stk Stnd Kaw
    11) D.Raymond 175 Brntwd SuperStnd Kaw
    12) S.Kammerer 165 Elk Grove SuperSit Kaw
    12) J.Frades 165 Oakley SuperSit Yam
    13) C.Thomas 150 Elk Grove SuperSit Hon
    13) J.Curtis 150 Antioch ModStnd Yam
    14) J.Billings 130 Benicia StkStnd Kaw
    15) C.Holman 100 Tracy ModSit Seadoo
    15) A.Chattaway 100 San Jose StkSit Yam
    15) A.Trouy 100 Benicia SuperSit Hon
    16) R.Wirt 75 Tracy SuperStnd Kaw
    17) P.Bookner 65 Oakley StkStnd Yam


    1> Hard charger #91, Matt Ford - Seadoo

    2> Is that a smile under the helmet Matt? It ought to be!

    3> Team Duxx, Jim and Super Dave representin...

    4> Who other than #86 Rocket Girl Cheryl Biggs shaving rubber off the that girl can ride!

    5> Rocket Girl on a well deserved victory lap

    ...... have to upload pics tomorrow - off to work

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