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    Question Octane engine

    Hi guys,

    Just got this polaris octane with damaged engine.
    it was used on salt water a lot before.

    To take cylinder off.
    Could not find a hole between cylinder/case like on yam or kawa engine to help lifting the cylinder off the case ?

    What is the best way to clear up the studs from salt and help getting the cylinder off ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Welcome to the HULK!

    Congrats! octanes are cool ! take a wire brush and scrub them first. then penetraing oil. a little heat and some light tapping... let it sit, then do it again, let it sit till they come loose. any pics of the ski? or pics of the problems bolts!?

    Did ya pay a lot for it? where ya from?

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    Thanks for your help...

    I've been on the hulk for a while just not such a forum poster... more reader and learning from you guys.

    I'm from oversea... so not so close to you... unfortunately, and more a yamaha boy... than polaris... but I tried one and quite like the punch of it.
    Anyway that engine will endup in a blaster... for the fun of it

    Octane was not so much money but I knew it needed rebuild...
    so I'm good for a new shaft, new bore and new pistons... well at least I start on a good base then.

    will apply your techniques and let you know... engine studs have been swamped in oil for the last 18 hours... will give it a go again later... with those studs remind me the old 650 kawa...

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    I want an Octane sooo bad.

    Good luck with those studs. Keep us posted on your progress.

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    that's the studs that are causing me trouble...
    I can't get the cylinders off the case... seems like one block...

    it's going to take a while to free them up...
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    I see, dont pry them off the bottom. those jugs are expensive to replace.

    Try a plastic mallet and hit the sides of the cylinder on all sides to break the seal. no metal hammer! or a piece of wood would be ok. some nice hickory!

    or lay it on its side, put a couple nuts on the threads and tap on the stud, dont kill it, but youll be able to punch the cylinder head off the case if you go around each one and do that double nut procedure and tap it. all will come up off the threads evenly then.

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