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    sl 780 carb adjustment jetting assistance...

    Ok... as far as I know the carbs are set right... but with the pro 785 CDI that I am about to get, I am told I need to set them differently... can anyone run me through what all this means and how do I go about checking the adjustment (for now) and adjusting (for when I install the pro 785 CDI)? I really am clueless on carb issues... but anything I can do to get the ski to run better I am all for it... Just let me know what to do... is there a tutorial somewhere that explains the procedure for jetting and adjusting the carbs?

    .. I know I know, I plan on getting the clymer manual very soon, but in the mean time (as there are very few warm days left) there somewhere online I can be informed about this, of can one of you guys inform an extreme novice on how to do it?

    Can some of you pros tell just by a good picture of them? I really don't know if they are set right or not... I can tell you what I'm getting as far as performance with the ski now...

    Ok here goes:

    Max 6380 rpms in water

    Max 7770 out of water (rev limiter I assume which will change tremendously with the pro 785 CDI)

    Max 50 mph (per MFD)

    Average 46-48 mph (MFD)

    I weigh 125.. I know the ski can do more...

    Compression per a local pro in building/maintaining skis around 110 each cylinder... little if any variance he says... (I did my own test with a cheapo autozone tester and got 75 psi... just goes to show you what I know )

    After an extended idle (like going through a no wake zone, or after starting up for the first time for the day, the acceleration is kind of sluggish, it goes to upper 5k rpms and then after a few seconds kind of "kicks in" and goes up to the 6300-6380 rpms... if I just briefly stop and go full throttle it whales and goes immediatly up to the 6000s like it should.. but if I idle for a little bit it does the above mentioned...

    When I first got the ski.. the owner said the MFD didn't work.. but it turned out to be just the 1/4 amp fuse in the CDI box.. replaced that and re-calibrated the MFD, works perfectly now...but the ski was briefly in limp mode because I had a common sunken fuel float... verified this by shorting the two fuel sender wires (to read full bars on the MFD, and limp mode was gone).... so it's not overheating, and the oil readings are fine and accurate and my new fuel float replacement is on order! I have zerked the drive shaft already...

    That's really about it.. ummm it starts right up.. rarely have to use the choke but I have had to use it a couple of times... smokes a little at first start up, then only very slight smoking (I guess common for 2 cycles)... I use pennsoil fully synthetic tcwIII oil and I verified that my oil pump was working correctly, and that each cylinder was getting oil...


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    Wow, great performnace, don't get that sort of speed out of mine. Can you please help with oil pump info, I see you checked yours. I don't see any marks to align at idle and the operation seems wrong - does yours look the same and does it operate in the same direction ?

    Thanks !
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    Hi Martin! welcome! I suggest you start your own thread! this one was about a year old!

    EDIT lol nm I See you did!
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    Thanks pal

    Thanks, I eventually managed to post a new thread. Only registered today and got a message "you cannot start a new thread" but later managed to. Greetings.

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    You'll love this place for any questions about your ski! post a pic if you can we all love to see pictures! how long have you had it?

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    WOW! It has really been almost a year huh! Seems like only yesterday when I was fooling with the polaris.

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