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    Unhappy damsel in distress with a 900zxi

    A few weeks ago managed to turn it over and then turned it back the wrong way since then it struggles to start will run but rather sluggish and after an hour it gives up
    If i start it and give it loads of throttle it dies so it takes a while to get it going
    being female ive undone the carb and its spotless
    but ive no idea after that so anyone able to help a damsel in distress
    please make it easy an step by step
    thanks guys

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    try changing the the sparkplugs.

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    tried that no diffrence

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    check the fuel, the electrical connectors, and clean the carbs


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    hydrolocked the crank seal out?

    check rear crank seal.....

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    Rear crank seal ??? where ? how ? took out today someone suggested fuel down the pistons and then spin it out to remove any water still in the engine which was done for me and seamed to do the trick !

    Ran good for couple of hours then started to intermitantly not produce any power when reved so decided to check plugs all dry good colour gave it 30-40 mins but no change as your going along at a set speed engine will rev at 6000 rpm then drop to 3000 then back up to 6000 have read somewhere what causes this but cant remember ???

    also when got home removed plugs they were wet ?? could this be cause by not tightening up enough ( were wrench tight but not super tight) thanks for your posts guys keep em coming !

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    How long was the water in the engine?

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    sounds more like water in around the stator or E-box

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    ultra water was in engine overnight ( i know iknow too long but didnt realise how much they take in or what to do )

    seaobin thanks for that been few weeks now tryed spraying with water repeller but is there anything else to do or take apart?? cheers guys going out to day cleaned carbs and pistions with redex see how she goes !

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