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    Can I flush engine without starting it

    I have a 1100 that I ran in saltwater. The starter quit on me in the water and now I can't start engine to flush out the salt. Is there any way to flush out these engines without starting them? It may be some time before I can afford a new starter and I don't want to leave salt water sitting in it.

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    No the engine needs to be running or the water backflows through the exhaust and into the engine cylinders and case.

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    NO!!!! always start your motor then turn the water on, then stop the water before you turn it off.

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    Oops! Me being the new guy with the 'new to me' 2000 suv in the driveway pulgged the water into the jet and let it run while I tried starting it. the water ran for a bit before I got it started but then I let it (water) run for a bit after it was shut off. So what did I mess up and do I need to do anything now? Thanks

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    Maybe you didnt mess up nothing yet. Pull the spark plugs out and see if there is any water in the cylinders. Maybe you didnt leave the water on long enough to do any damage.

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    just got this from the other thread that maybe you started?:

    pull the plugs turn it over, blow all the water out of the plug holes. pour a teaspoon of 2 stroke oil down each plug hole, turn it over. get it back on the water asap and run the hell out of it. The heat will burn off any water left inside. Now if you hydrolocked the motor and bent a rod all bets are off

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