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    Misc parts wanted

    Just a list of random things I need to get some of the toys back in to shape.

    1) Plate that goes on the bottom of the fuel pump to hold the float in. I borrowed the float from the SLH for another project and apparently didn't put the plate back on. Apparently you can't order just this plate - hopefully someone has a trashed pump they can scavenge for me.

    2) Spark plug holders that mount to the water bar - for the plug wires when you have them disconnected. I could use 2 tripples and a twin so all my rides would have them. I can't even find a part number if I wanted to order new ones.

    3) Bilge pump base plate. (I can't find the damn thing!!) I just need the base part, but may end up having to buy the whole pump...polaris doesn't sell just the base. Again, hopefully someone has a burnt out pump they can part out.

    4) 1998 785 Pro (I can dream, right?)

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    i have 1 and 3 for you

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