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    Jul 2007
    near Toronto, Canada

    Arrow Twelve Thousand posts...

    Well, this would seem like a milestone of sorts.

    When I joined Greenhulk less than three years ago, there were a handful of members with huge post counts, including ph2ocraft. At the time, I thought that was both impressive and crazy - Now I know it is mostly crazy

    I have learned a lot since my early posts when I was trying to understand the Polaris PWC world. I still learn something almost every day from these forums

    I expect I will be posting less often, as I have some non-PWC projects that will be consuming a lot of my time.

    We will still be riding as much as possible this summer, mostly on Polaris.

    I will be around, dropping in from time to time. I don't make use of invisible mode, so you might even see when I am online

    The off-site web pages will remain active, and updated when time permits.

    I urge other members to make use of these pages, and point new arrivals towards them.

    Perhaps you can even include the link in your signature

    A few good web page links during the welcome posts for a new arrival can really help someone get going in the right direction, and can save a lot of repeated typing of the same info

    Always remember that your posts and threads will be read by more than the original poster. Many others may read the thread, possibly days or many months later.

    Write so it will make sense to others

    This started out as a version of my own 'Polaris PWC crib notes' and grew from there. There are many unfinished areas, some with stub notes to remind me that more work needs to be done.

    If anyone wants to jump in and improve those pages, let me know. It is not hard to do. The important thing is knowing what you are talking about, and being able to find the GH pages with the relevant info.

    I will respond to Private Messages, but not checking in every day. Some of you have my email address. That is better if you need an answer right away.
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    Sydney, Australia

    I am one of the many that owe you a big big thanks for all of your supportBut I hope this isn't a sad farewell from the Polaris underground as you are now somewhat critical to many!!! All the best with your other projects, I really hope we see you around here for a long time to come!

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    Campbell, Ca.

    I for one have enjoyed your input and the collecting of information into a easy to read/find area.
    I've enjoyed my other avenues over the couple years you've been working so hard to gather and organize our Polaris information, I hope you do the same.
    It is amazing just how fast a post count will rack up just helping other Polaris enthusiasts.
    Enjoy your rides and adventures, please post some pictures of your travels when time permits, you know how much we all love pictures. LOL
    Hope to meet up with you somewhere on the water.

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    I'm feeling naturally aspirated today pirate33's Avatar
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    Lomita, aka Slowmita
    Keith its always a blast talk'n with you from time to time, now this isn't cuz I sold one of my TX's?

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    Just wanted to say Thank You for your help. Your very knowledgeable and helpful. You even answer back fast! lol

    I appreciate you spending your time helping and pointing me and others in the right direction. Not too many people will do that for people you never met.

    Starved Rock. 61 days away! Is Marion gonna take your place?

    She must know a lot too just sitting next to you! lol

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    conesus ny!
    hey k,

    just want to say thanks for the help getting the skis ready, and your not far away so if you ever want to go riding for a weekend or what not pm

    have a good one and good luck on your other projects


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    Dont be a stranger and good luck with your other endeavors.

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    It's a JEEP thing...You wouldn't Understand dirtdude35's Avatar
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    Hurst tx

    Thanks for all the help you give here, almost every question i have asked, you have help and the rest where in the sea doo area so.

    Thanks again


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    Thank you very much! As a new polaris owner Ive appreciated your assistance & have been very impressed with your knowledge of these machines. Im always amazed at your ability to provide a link to just about any polaris subject at the drop of a hat. Thanks again.

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    Cedar Rapids,Iowa
    LOL, Come On Keith,You know you'll never go Cold Turkey from here. I have to say,You've come a long way from the first post. And have become one of the specialist in the Polaris world. Just don't be a strange from too long a time.
    I really enjoyed Starved Rock with you and the wifey being there. CU there this year.

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