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    Just registered...!

    Hello everyone! I am a new owner of an '05 RXP and love it! I have just registered on this site and look forward to learning much about these machines from you guys with experience. Here we go...

    I have 10 hours on my ski and it peaks at 7850 RPM's at 70mph on the ski. Hulk told me that I should be running over 8000...oil is right in the center of the bends. I can't pull away from a GP1300 at top end speed. Please help! I am 100% stock with hopes of modifications in the near future.

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    Need to learn how to ride better! I beat a a gp1300 riva stage 2 it was close but in the end I beat it! Also 7850 is fine that is what I am running sometimes 7900rpms!

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    Learn how to ride better? on glass? didn't know there was much to that

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Sometimes the heat just gets the better of us and our RPM's are low as a result. There are ways around this such as air intake mods and such. You will learn alot here.

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    Welcome to the site. Where are ya located? With just a couple of inexpensive mods, you should be smokin' the GP 1300 in no time.

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    Must have mods

    I've not lost a race to a GP1300 yet, and I seem to always attract them. 6 different machines in the last 3 weeks. I've raced them with both my RXP and RXT. Both machines spank it. In choppy water, the RXT is slightly faster than my RXP. I would guess the 1300 you raced had mods. This is a great list with knowledgable guys that know these machines. I'm sure you'll enjoy. Welcome.

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    If your ski is running right (which it should be) then you, indeed, need to learn how to get the last mph or 2, just sitting there and nail it won't get you the best of your ski.

    Try to get most of the hull out of the water, play with trim, pull the bars at top speed and push on them out of the hole for hook up will help a lot.

    On dead flat you should be quicker and faster than a 1300R, unless the guy is sneaky and has mods he didn't tell you about.
    A LOT of GPRs owners modify their skis.

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    Thanks 11...I could probably learn a lot from you. Any links that I can access to learn more about riding techniques?[/list]

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