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Thread: What happened?

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    What happened?

    So I take my 07 250x out of the lake after a great first day and after I leave the ramp and park to tie down the ski I smelt electrical burning. White smoke was coming out of the tongue and the wires leading to my SUV for power was melting and smoking white. I fellow boater ran over and unplugged my adapter to my SUV before it shorted out my truck. I'm curious as to what happened. This is my 3rd riding season but first with this Shorelandr trailer. Did wet wires or wet adapter cause this? I wonder how much it'll cost to rewire. Will a PWC place rewire and fix? Would my insurance cover this? Any insight would be appreciated.

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    You should easily be able to completely rewire a trailer with very little electrical knowledge. Most of the time if you go out and buy a new light set for the trailer it will include a wiring diagram. It sounds like a wire might have gotten chaffed and grounded out somewhere. I'm surprised the short didn't just blow a fuse in the truck.

    The cost of completely rewiring a trailer shouldn't run over $50.00 even with a nice set of LED trailer lights. How old is your trailer?

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    I'm surprised a fuse didnt blow either. Makes me somewhat worried about improper size fuses in the truck.
    *** Before you do anything, check the truck wiring, make sure the pinout is correct ***
    With the lights off, and the foot off the brake, there should have been NO juice going to the trailer. This is what makes me worried.

    Trailer wiring is easy. Hardest part is remembering about the shared bulbs.

    You've really only got three circuits on your ski, and all of them share a ground with each other.

    Left turn & left brake
    Yellow wire

    Right turn & right brake
    Green wire

    "Running" lamps (including the ones in your brake bulbs)
    Brown wire

    White wire.

    Any questions, feel free to PM me, and I'll shoot you my cell.

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