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    extending the warranty?

    Can you extend the warranty through BRP or does it have to be done through a dealer? I seems like it more of when not an if the SC clutch goes so I figure it would be worth the investment. But the prices at the dealer are all over the board form what I can tell.

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    through a dealer. I would give perry performance group a call @

    (954) 929-1636 Local
    (954) 929-1737 Fax

    or see this thread

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    Yep, I am about to extend mine through PPG as well. The dealer where I bought mine was so damn ignorant that they tried to void my warranty when I changed the prop and added the wedge. Geeze, what difference does it make how they get their money for warranty work. To me, the dollars are green no matter when and where they come from. Now, as long as it is not them, I will drive out of my way to get anything done.

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    extended mine today at a friends dealer. $590.00 usd
    for 2 years (I found metal in the oil filter and i freaked and baught the warrenty just in case)

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