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    2004 GTI LE RFI Fouling Plugs with Maint Light on

    I have a 2004 GTI LE RFI. It runs fine (idles and revs fine) with the hose connected out of the water. Once in the water it doesn't like to idle but once I run it and get it up to speed it runs great. The maintenance light came on after running it for 2-3 hours it has 46.5 hours on it currently and is blinking but it does not make a beeping noise at all and still appears to run fine. I just put a second set of plugs in it after running it for about 2-3 hours this season and they are fouled. I bought the ski used over the winter. I am a pretty knowledgeable with 2 stroke carbureted engines however since this one is injected I know there is more to it. I checked compression and each cylinder is up around 150PSI which is good. Any ideas what my problem may be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not certain on this, but I beleive that the ecu is programmed to display maintance after so many hours running. At that point your suppose to take it into the dealership so that they can do the 50 hr or so maintance on the machine. Also the dealership will clear the code too, or you can do the 50 hr maintance things yourself.

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