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    Hey Central Florida People

    where are some good areas to live? like with in 25-30 min of the airport

    i might be relocating for a job and would like your input... also what is ski friendly up there as far as riding

    thanks for your input

    yes this was posted on the X but the X is currently having some teething issues Darrin is working on

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    Which Airport? Tampa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickster
    Which Airport? Tampa?

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    send a p/m to mpleaver.... ,he lives in the orlando area, he know's alot of riding locations there.

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    I live in Orlando, SE Orlando to be exact. There are tons of lakes around here that are jet ski friendly.

    My favorites are Lake Conway (off Randolph st and Hoffner)
    Lake Butler (Near Windermere)
    Moss Park off Narcoosse Rd near Kissimmee.

    What's your price range for a house and do you need lake front?

    Some nice areas to consider:

    Cypress Springs
    Stoneybrook East
    Waterford lakes
    Lake Nona Area

    Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.

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    The Melbourne area in East Central Fl has an international airport served by Delta. It has a good variety of riding areas. The Indian River (intercoastal, salt water) The Bannana River (salt) the Saint Johns River (fresh) that runs up to Jacksonville, several large lakes, and of course the ATLANTIC OCEAN. With one of the best places on the east coast for large surf and wave jumping....Monster Hole off Sebastian Inlet ! This area is also home to BRP's watercraft testing facility at Cogan.

    Best of all, I LIVE HERE !!! LOL


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    Pine Hills is nice.

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    not moving...... ofund out what the pay was and i am better off suffering in the cold up here for a couple of months.... 12.50 an hour to start..... far cry from the 52K a year i figured i'd be getting for the work i would be doing....

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    Welcome to our world in sunny Fla. Wages leave alot to be desired around these parts IMHO . But they tell me cost of living is lower

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    12.50 is pretty crappy for central FL. Three years ago when houses were in the $100Ks it wasn't nearly as bad, but now with the median home price being $240+, it makes it a little harder to get by.

    If it is a temporary salary pending a 90 day review with promis of bigger salary upon satisfactory performance, I'd say look into it. But if there's no upward mobility or chance for significant salary increases,.........keep looking.

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