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    needing steering cable for 95gtx

    been looking ad no luck ordered 2 new cables came in and wrong length any one have 1 let me know and i come n get it or pay to mail overnight

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    i cant beleive no one has one or know where to get one starting to get real disenchnted with what may be a mistake i buying skis

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    whats the part number you ordered? where did you get the part number from? There are parts books available for your ski online. You can look that part number up and order it from the store link above. Have you checked there? Is there a local dealer in your area?

    You have an old ski, there are many resources for the part your are looking for.

    EDIT: Just looked it up online, did you order 277000367 or 271000436?

    Those are the both applicable numbers for that year and model. You need to check the cable and see if it says "Bergen" or "Teleflex" on it. The first number is for the Bergen cable and the second is the Teleflex. If the part you ordered is neither of those numbers, then you definitely have the wrong cable.

    Also, steering cables aren't bolt in. You need to adjust the slack on the black knob on Seadoos. You take a straight edge across the back of the pump nozzle and set your handlebars in the center. Measure the distance from the end of the handle bars to the floor and make sure they are the same distance on either side. Then measure the distance from the straight edge on the nozzle to the hull. If the distances are the same on either side and your handlebars are centered then your steering is set straight. If it is not, then you need to adjust the black knob on the steering cable to make up the difference. Keep adjusting until your steering is centered. (it may take a while, took me like 45 mins of adjusting and measuring till I got mine lined up properly)

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