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    Exclamation What makes a "Good" hull?

    What is it that makes a hull better for say closed course vs. top speed? Is a fast hull not as good for closed course?

    Richard (Way2fast), said the GTI hull wouldn't be as good for closed course, why?

    Could someone explain the differences to me? What features are on a fast hull vs a hull thats better for closed course?

    Which hull is better for what? Like wet hull (RXP) or dryer hull (GPR) in what conditions? Does the RXP have advantages in some conditions vs. the GPR or no?

    What Im asking is kinda confusing because Im kinda confused. But what features on a hull make it perform better in what categories?

    Yami guys could probably help a lot here.

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    I answered you on your original post of these questions.


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    Thanks, but Im wondering what does what on a hull?

    Like the 4 skeg like lines running down the GPR hull here. The RXP doesn't have those. What are the physical features of a hull that make it "good".?
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