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    Thinking about selling the skis.......

    Hey all, haven't had to post here, or even lurk much in some time. Mostly because the skis have run great for the most part and I have not had to search for answers to problems. I do have a current problem though, I am moving soon and need a few extra bucks.

    We have a pair of polaris skis, a 1997 1050 SL and a 1996 780SLT. Both have given us a number of years of fun, and some intermittent problems of course.

    SL1050 has a new motor last year (SBT rebuild) and basically everything works fine, running pre-mix, new battery, etc....Less than 15 hrs on the new engine. SLT780 little less than 100 hours on the clock, good compression, blurry MFD despite MFD repair last year, no current problems. Both start and run well, and are currently perched on a comfab galvanized dual trailer with bearing buddies, average tires, 2 year old wiring.

    I hate to part with the skis, but with a move coming up and cash short, I've thought about it seriously, even with the objections of my 13 and 11 year olds. Just hate to tote the set across the country (Georgia to Minnesota) more than anything. We don't ride them that much, and with a new baby coming, time on the water will be shortened.

    What do you guys think? Sell? Keep?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanda View Post
    ...What do you guys think? Sell? Keep?
    You are asking this on a PWC enthusiasts forum?

    It really is up to you.

    If the money you can get by selling them is going to make a difference, and keeping them would create logistical problems, then you have your answer.

    If the opportunity arises in the future to start riding again, you know you will be able to find PWC to purchase.

    Used PWC don't get more expensive over time. As a future buyer, you might be able to buy newer models for about the same money you have invested in them now.

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    Minnesota? Isn't that the land of 1000 lakes?????

    If you need some $$$, and have kids that want to keep a ski, I'd suggest maybe selling the SL and keeping the SLT.

    Maybe keep the 2 place trailer, or trade it for a singlke place and a little $.

    That way you have a little spare $$, and a 3 seater to still use with 2 kids and yourself.

    However, with a newborn on the way, you may want all the spare $$$ you can muster.

    It's up to you. Good luck with your decision, move, and newborn.

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