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    Yamaha WR500 help

    I recently had a WR500 fall into my lap, my buddy owns an atv dealership and had it on trade, he said there is no spark and lost the ski on a bet to me. Well, I cleaned it up, changed the plugs, drained the gas, put in a new battery, thought that I would hit the start button for fun and just a click, tried it again, just a click, decided to take the battery out and the wires were hot to the touch. Now I know this is more than likely a short but I need some help here, I am used to gummed up carbs, not electrical problems, am not a mechanical genius but am not scared to learn as well, please help, I like this little ski, very well built and would love to get it going again.
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    No spark - check the fuse ( think it has one ) check all the connections etc.

    Wires -I know some times trying to start something ( lawn mower, car, etc ) the wires will get very hot the more you try to crank on a dead/low battery.

    I'd try a new batter or even a jump from a 12v source. MAKE SURE IT IS NOT RUNNING if the jumper battery is connected to a vehicle.

    I had picked up a 92 wr500 that had set in the forest for a cpl of years, I put new plugs, new battery, fresh gas and oil. She fired up like a new one with a little primer to help.

    I've got 2 gp1200's and neither will start with out being primed up first, but the wr500 will everytime with out even a choke adjustment.... doesnt make much sense to me!

    Good luck with it

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    ok first of remove your plugs...
    then the 2 bolt black coupler cover ...(a check for a locked motor and or pump)
    see if it can be turned over by hand... also check to see if the front coupler wiggles back and forth and /or just the rear...
    (an engine locked or pump senario)
    if ok, remove your starter and have it checked ....besides a sign of a low/bad battery, warm wires tells me you have juice going to the starter ,and that the solinoids and switches are trying to compleat their circuts .. let us know ...

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    Okay, am going to pull the starter off today, went ahead and found another starter and solenoid anyway, have to check to see if the motor is locked up, will post results by this evening...thanks for the help

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    I had a similar problem with one of my WaveJammers. It felt like the motor wanted to turn over, but it just clicked. Just like W/rpm500 stated, I took off the short shaft cover and tried to rotate the drive shaft by hand... and I couldn't. Ended up the pump was locked up. Good thing I had a spare sitting around. Hope that's now what your problems is. Good luck!

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