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    Testing a Sl650 magneto ?

    Hi Guys,

    I found this on your website, with instructions on how to do it. Thanks to who did the service school notes

    Magneto stator coils
    Red/Purple to Yellow: 0.6 ohms (Alternator coil - battery charging) 002
    Red/Purple or Yellow to Black: Infinite/open/no connection 0
    White/Yellow to Black: 220 ohms (Trigger coil) 215
    Blue/Red to Red/White: 90 ohms (Pulser coil) 91
    Red/White to Black: Infinite/open/no connection 0
    Red/White to Green/Red: 490 ohms (Exciter coil) no luck

    I used the 2000 setting on my meter ..... The previous owner just touched the puller bolts off the stator

    Are the exciter coils the two bigger ones with white glue on them, as there is dammage on one.



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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Are you going to try repairing the magneto yourself?

    What year is your SL650?

    There are some differences between the early model year Polaris/Fuji magneto and the later years. I am not sure exactly when that changeover occurred

    The original version is known as the 'analog' version. The later version is called 'digital'.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    All 650 magnetos are analog.

    The 92 and 93 650 used different terminals/connectors is about the only difference.

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    Hi Guys, thanks for the welcome

    I joined this site in Nov 2006 but i just lurk

    Back to my SL 650

    i had a friend test the mag and he came up with the same results, the exciter coil is shorted out. This coil has a small bit of dammage on it, i plan to remove the white glue cover to have a better look.

    This is a project ski as it needs lots of work, i am unsure what i am going to do as the hull is MINT the motor had fresh water only use.

    The list of parts as of right now is 2 pistons, one cylinder, head, pto rod and bearing, two mag bearings, gasket kit, rings, reeds.


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