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    video of my 97 xp 787 on water & trailer. what is wrong with it?

    i have 97 xp 787 premix. my rotary oil line busted one day and all this started to happen, leaking rave, smokey engine, diesel sound, cant run hi RPMs.



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    The first video sounds fine from what i can hear -- im no expert.

    The second video it is clear you have some bogging . So you are either getting too much fuel or oil is leaking into the engine somewhere causing the bog sound when you take off.

    Does the bog ever clear out and you can reach some rpms?

    What do your spark plugs look like after your run on the water?

    What is your low speed screw set at and what is your jetting?

    Since your rotary valve oil line blew off have you pulled the rotary valve cover/carbs to inspect the valve? That would be my first move. The rotary valve is metal spinning past metal which is lubricated by that oil line, it could have seized/worn down causing excessive gap on the rotary valve.

    Did you ever figure out the leaking rotary valve / pipe? I can see a lot of oil/gas on the engine in video 1?


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    as dean asked...can you plane out and reach full RPM's?

    also, is your waterbox hard jetted? you may be loading up...

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    almost looks like you have an exhaust leak and that is choking out the engine.

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    Also, try running it on the water with the seat off. It will let more air in. If your exhaust leak is choking the engine, this may help in the troubleshooting as more air will get in the compartment and thin out the exhaust

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    Rave Valve Diaphrams

    Also you might check to see if your rubber diaphrams on your rave valve caps have come off of the tops. That will not allow the valves to work as they should and limit your rpms. One of mine popped off the other day and dropped the rpms 200. If so, clean the rubber really good with windex and put it back on.

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    Check your midpipe jet for clogging, and then your coupler for a split under the bottom. If the coupler is split, (from melting due to the clogged jet) it will bog just like a carb problem and run like crap. Been there done that.

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    No full rpms

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