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    99 XLL 1200 -D Plate Jetting?

    I have just purchased a 99XLL1200 with 75hrs totally stock, runs good, motor seems good. My goal is to keep it stock for now on motor and stay away from jetting and tuning because I just don't have the time and wife to do that any more. (Long story but 97SPX would run 70MPH-for awhile and wife remembers well). I was disappointed with the 1200 ride, hard to control with two on it, wants to roll at low speeds and rocks at slow down, then at speed can hook a turn hard so I really want to fix all that. Currently have the following on order: New plugs, new fuel filter, R&D ride plate, Riva intake grate, Riva waveeater valve kit, stock 2001 sponsons, Riva D plate and chip. 60MPH is good with me! But reliable and fun is first priority!

    Question: Will all this change my stock jetting? Especially the Dplate, I am seeing different things on site. Riva instructions say 1-1/4 on high speed but I do not want to take carbs off! I would think that is very close to stock. Am I safe to intall the above items in total and go ride or do I need to do one at a time and ride? If so in what order would you recommend? Thanks

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    Nope you are fine

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    Well, I was going to just remove the tamper plugs and check jetting since I had what appeared to be a lean #2 cylnder stock. After getting those damm plugs out I found high speed as follows: #3 at 1-1/2, #2 at 0, #1 at 1/2, which explains my high speed bog and those lean #1 and #2 cyl. I am going to go with Riva's tip sheet which calls for 1-1/4 on all and add 0.020 clearance on pump arm. Hope this works!
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