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    Trying to resurrect 93 SL 750 that's been sitting for 3 years

    Newbie here working on an SL 750 project

    I can get it to turn over but it only turns over brief spurts when you hit the ignition and then it stops and then you can do it again. In other words you can't grind away when trying to start it.

    2nd of all, turning it over with the air box off we noticed there's more 2 cycle oil spray on the front cylinder than the other 2

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    93 750

    try cleaning the ground cable at the battery and engine block for starter issue then disassemble carbs clean and re-build if necessary. highly reccommend rebuilding though. i would also go through the ebox and clean/tighten all the connections there. good luck!

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    welcome to the hulk

    start by checking your battery to make sure its above 10.6 volts..while cranking..

    check for spark

    also check for compression cold engine with throttle wide open should be with in 10% of each other..

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    Make sure the battery is fresh and fully charged. Check the wires as mentioned earlier.

    If you have more fuel spraying out of 1 cyl VS. the others, you may have a rred that's bad.

    If that ski has sat for 3 yrs, then I'd be cleaning/replacing the entire fuel system, including the carb internals.

    Lack of fuel is the #1 problem with these skis, esp due to age and lack of maintainence. You will have piston failure if you run lean on fuel.

    Try priming the engine with a little premix (40:1) down the carb throats to get it to start easily. That'll put less strain on your starter.

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