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    all round racing

    What can be done to a 1100 wave raider to win the new type stock ski's like seadoo's and kawasaki's

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    Sell it and buy a new ski. Sorry for being a wise azz, couldn't help myself. Good luck getting there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn Briglio View Post
    Sell it and buy a new ski. Sorry for being a wise azz, couldn't help myself. Good luck getting there.

    Hmmmmmmmm, okeeee.

    Anyone else like to take shot at this?

    Or maybe good engine builder en someone that has owned and raced a 1100

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    How fast do you ned to go mpeavler is a raider guy talk to him
    My old GP has run 70 mph

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    The new ski's have a huge power advantage, its not economically feasible to compete with them. You would have to do alot of work and still not be as fast or reliable. Its called technology, advances have made old style engines obsolete. Still a lot of fun though !

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    Convert your 1100 engine into a 1200.


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    1. Decide budget as mentioned in other thread.
    2. Convert over the 63M engine to a 65U
    3. Dump stock 38's and run 44's, 46's and or 48mm carbs
    4. True/weld crank
    5. Run 85mm bore which allows 85.5 and 86mm for future rebuilds
    6. Tim judge/ West coast/Lamey porting on 65U
    7. Pro-tec shortie ride plate
    8. cut 2 center bars out if you ride glass water on intake grate
    9. R&D intake port matched to your new VF3 reeds.
    10. VF3 Reeds
    11. Riva CDI "oside has some F/S"
    12. Compression 150 psi for pump gas...or 195 for 110 octane and more power.
    13. Billet couplers to handle extra power
    14. Modded fuel pick ups
    15. Solas J prop around th e 14/19 range
    16. Gp 5 degree nozzle on pump
    17. True the bottom of the hull

    That will get you started....

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    Thats alot there , i dont care about the money more the challenge.

    And if it cant be done wil wil not start it.

    What do those new supercharged seadoo run?

    I would like to line up to one of those

    get it

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    go to : triple pipe raider build

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    Quote Originally Posted by big raider View Post
    go to : triple pipe raider build

    where is that at?

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