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Thread: bilge pump help

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    bilge pump help

    I mounted a Rule 500 bilge pump in my XLL with 3M 4200. It stuck great to the bottom of the hull but not the bilge pump (blue plastic cage). I did not sand/scuff the cage the 1st time. I just did it again last night after scuffing up the bottom of the cage. Should this work? I really and trying to get this secured without taking the stinger out.


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    my ski has thrust vectoring......does yours??? killcraft's Avatar
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    use two part epoxy let it dry overnight and the cage will never come up. ....unless you want it to.

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    I used 5200 on two pump cages and they have not moved in two years.

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    I just marine texed one in last night, no sanding. It doesnt budge, I tried too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killcraft View Post
    use two part epoxy let it dry overnight and the cage will never come up. ....unless you want it to.
    This is what I did in my SUV. When the first pump failed after 5 years, I just snapped the new one into the base of the old one.

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