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    Making the supercharger clutch last - thoughts?

    I wanted to get the forum opinion on making the supercharger clutch last on skis that dont have the blowoff valve mod.

    Some guys have told me that when riding fast over the tops of waves i need to let off the throttle when the pump is unloaded, or let off the throttle when in the air doing jumps, etc.

    Im not so sure. From my understanding, the clutch is there because there isnt a blowoff valve from the factory.
    the clutch is designed to slip when normally the blowoff valve would have activated if it had been there.
    but the blowoff activates when the throttle is closed quickly after boost has been built.

    so in theory, the best way to make the clutch last is to never slam the throttle closed quickly at higher RMP.
    that means keep the throttle open when going over the tops of waves or jumping the ski.
    just let the engine rev limiter take care of it when the pump unloads.


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    Very interesting analysis. I am curious to see what everyone thinks.

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    when riding fast in chop its impossible to let off when coming unhooked. best thing to do is us riva & mcmaster washers and maintain the slip every 25-30hrs toget the most life out of it.

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    Im sorry dude but it doesnt work like that.

    Your getting confused with the workings of a turbo and a supercharger me thinks.

    A BOV is only good in turbo applications in my opinion to stop the force of back pressure slowing the wheel down.

    The supercharger in the RXP's is directly driven off the engine and is relative to RPM.

    The single worst thing you could do is constantly hit the limiter. This will destroy clutches.

    Have you watched the RPM when hitting the limiter hard. It can vary by 300 RPM at a very fast rate. Imagine the supercharger speeding up and slowing down instantly and a insanely fast speed. IT SLIPS

    To get the most out of clutches you have to....

    Keep off the limiter

    If the pump becomes unhooked and your going through choppy water just back off a bit.

    Also dont rev it on the trailer. The instant RPM and again hitting the limiter will wear clutches.

    My 3rude was set at 19ftlbs and 10 hours later and running it in etc its still set at 18ftlbs.

    Just dont run through chop and keep off the limiter and it will last forever.

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