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    Rings & Piston Question

    Just bought a used 1999 Yamaha XL1200 LTD. This is my first jet ski. The guy I bought it from was upfront and knew it had a blown piston/cylinder. Typical oil line that came off on the 3rd cylinder. I bought it for $800. Everything else on the ski appears to be in good working order. I bought a used cylinder and piston to replace the damaged one.
    Question is.. should (could) I replace the rings only on the other 2 cylinders while I have it apart? Any benefit in doing that? I know the best thing to do would to do the whole top end, but I'm a little short on cash. I just wanted to get it running again for this summer. What's the minimum I could do and not blow a wad of cash. I was thinking used piston and cylinder, rebuild carb, replace rings, add PV clips, replace all oil lines and clamps. The head is a little I need to replace that too? Or could I just smooth the rough areas? It already has the d-plate. It was already apart when I bought it, so no compression numbers to give you. Crankshaft appear smooth and in working order. Thanks for your patience (with a newb) and advice.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Many of us delete the oil injection and go to pre-mix. Thats an option, or replace your oil lines and keep it. Oil injection block off kit is like $12.00
    or you can get crafty and make your own.

    #3 cylinder could have went down from water injestion, bad crank bearing, bad crank seal, air leak, carbs needing rebuilt, etc..... Pictures of the damage will help if you can post some up. Get ahold of Lowell Horning and get yourself an engine pressure test kit.

    Get the pictures up so we can help you out better.

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