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    Kawasaki 900 sts 2001

    hello guys! nice site for info!
    i am a new jet ski owner don't know any thing about one lol but i have owned allot of boats .the first thing i had to do was buy a new Jet Pump Skat Trak Impeller $$$$500 new lol it runs great now about 55mph but over the week end i broke the Steering Cable! and now looking for one some more $$$ money lol .is there any thing i should know about the Kawasaki 900 ? i know they are hard to start! and to clean/check the pisser offend .
    the person i got it from as bypast the oil pump so i have to mix the oil is it like a boat 50.1 on the mix ?
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    Nice looking ride. After doing some detective work, i've come to the conclusion that your ski is a continuation(renamed model line) of the 1999-2000 900STX(but with a updated paint scheme). This is also the same ski as a 1998-1999 1100STX(minus the 1100 engine). The only things i suggest is a primer kit (search post under PEVO for my install w/pics). Trust me your battery will last ALOT longer with a primer kit installed. Only other thing would be to check your oil injection lines regularly (i converted to premix but thats just my preference) Enjoy your ride & stay away from shallow sand/gravel bars..or you will be repairing your pump again! If your going to beach it, then come it briskly & kill the engine and coast to shore.

    EDIT: I see your premixing too. Ratios for kawa triples is 40:1 thats what i mix at anyway

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    thx for the reply! the mix is what i needed to know! great info! .you know jet ski's is like a drug! lol you always want more lol i am going this morning to look at a 99í Yamaha GP760 with 110 hours on it .
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    Well i took my 900 on vacation with me !it ran great all week! but it has a leak some were ! it takes on water over night! i have to use a pump on it before we right it! .the guy i got it from told me it was a premix but after 4 days it shut off and the oil light was on i checked the oil and the tank was empty no oil i have been running 40.1 oil mix in it! so its still running the oil tank ? what should i do? the tank must still be hooked up! .will it do any thing to the motor running 40.1 + the tank?

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    i was just trying to find the stickers for the ski and came across the web site again ! i am still using the ski every weekend still no problems with it! the leak was the plugs in the back put new o rings on it and boom still going .i have been thinking about putting it up for sell and getting a newer one its just hart to part with now lol what do you guys think this thing is worth ? does $1800 sound about right ?

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    Look on the front of the engine to see if the oil pump is there. It should have some rubber hoses that go to each carburetor and one that goes to the oil tank. If you have the oil pump, I'd leave it and just run the injection system. If you do this, you have to verify that it's working and it's a really good idea to replace the hoses with polyurethane hose. Secure the hoses with stainless safety wire.

    x2 on the primer, it will save a lot of wear & tear on the starter. I would leave the chokes on, because sometimes you just need a little bit of choke to start when it's warm.

    There is a flat plate on the front cover of the engine. It has a couple of hoses going to it. Water circulates there and cools the stator. I've found a couple of those that are plugged, so remove one of the hoses and try to blow through it.

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    look at the dates steve.

    if the ski still looks as good with no problems 1800 is low, trailer still good.

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    it looks as good as it did the day i got it the trailer looks new to ,if you look at the date of the first post that was 2 years ago and i have never had any trouble out of it ! the only thing i have done to it was pull the stickers off of it they were fading and it looked bad .123456 the one i have is the Kawasaki 900 sts 2001 ,Steve the oil pump is still there and it works fine but i still add some oil to the gas every time i put gas in it i just don't trust the oil pump better to have to much then not enough .i am looking for the speedometer now mine is faded out but still work fine just hard to see but you can not find a use one and a new one is $799.99!! lol i think i will live with that! lol...thank for the replies guys .here it is with out the stickers
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    Quote Originally Posted by 123456 View Post
    look at the dates steve.
    Dammit! I hate it when that happens!

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