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    what would you do?

    i have a gp800r has 190 hours on the stock motor. i think the motor may be seized on. the machine is in virgina and im in ny so im just going by what my step father is saying when he went to start it up the other day. i realize it could be the pump or a 100 other things but i just dont have time to fly down and screw with it. Im thinking the engine is seized becuase it sank last year. I did get the water out and i did run it on the hose for a little while and then ride it for an hour. the reason it sank was the hose the connections the water box and sound suppression box separated.

    So the question would you rebuild the engine or would you use it to do a conversion? im thinking its going to cost me a pretty penny to rebuild the engine becuase of the amount of hours and the fact that everything has to be gone through from the carbs to the motor mounts and the pump. by the time i get done i maybe able to pick up a salvage craft just as cheap.

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    Well, I think you already answered half your question. You can't go by what someone else is telling you. You need to see the ski in person to make that decision. Take your time and weigh your options then go from there.

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    im pretty sure the motor is going to be seized. from what he was describing he can hear the start clicking. not only that but the engine was running when i put it away. i only had 1 hour of on the water riding and maybe an hour on the hose (not continually either )after it sank before i put it away for the winter. if i was a betting man the engine is whooped.

    in any case the engine needs a lot of work. so the question is do you do a rebuild or do a conversion?

    i think cost wise it would be simmilar but i could be wrong. if i was to do a conversion i would do what addict did and swap in a fxho motor.

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    I'm in the process of rebuilding a gp1200r. That's the direction I would go. A conversion is a whole different ball game, which depends entirely on your mechanical ability. If you did a conversion, you would most likely be buying a used engine that needs work anyway. And then you still have to make it work somewhere it wasn't intended to be.

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