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    Question Who should work on my ski?

    First thread ever here, so here goes nothing.

    I'm sure there is many debates on what dealers are best to do your ski mods for you. However my debate is not which dealer, it is whether to go a dealer. i am looking to upgrade my exhaust on my '08 RXTX from stock exhaust. If I were to go to a dealer, it would be Melbourne Seadoo (Australia, Victoria). They are one of the only 3 dealers (I think) in Australia that are legit Seadoo Dealers. I am a good customer of theirs and I assume the cost would be around $1000AUD (ballpark) ($800USD). Now, with giving it to them to do, I know they will look after me with the ski in the future etc with any problems, however if i do it myself, I can do it for less than half the price.

    I have zero experience on working on these machines myself, but have read A LOT and have owned them for a long time. I do believe there is enough information on here to do it myself, but I am not sure how hard it is, what are the risks? etc.

    Any help would be great. Thanks

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    If you have good mechanical skills already then get yourself a factory service manual and you will do fine. If your not very mechanical you may find you have a hard time working on a machine like this, its not just like working on a car and if you mess something up you might find yourself sinking somewhere that you really don't want to.

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    First thing I would ask is do you have ANY type of mechanical skill? IMO it is better to do things yourself. Not only to save $$$, but to also have the satisfaction of doing your own mods, and also to know your ski better. JMO!

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    Thanks guys. I would rather do It myself not only for the confidence in what i have done but the satisfaction and enjoyment of it. I have some thinking to do. Thanks again

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    if you can turn a wrench im pretty sure you can do all the work your self. most of the instructions on GH or from Riva are very good. Also what helped me a lot is pictures and if you do get caught up on something just post what your problem is and im sure all of us will pitch in our information. BTW before i did work on my jet ski my dealer did a service that charged $300 just to do an oil change with i ended up finding out was almost 5 qts of oil, and my ski is only supposed to have 4 qts MAX

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