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    Fx HO 1800 Mods Query

    I've done a few modifications to my new ski 2010 Ho 1800 and would like to do more. So far I've done the following..

    -fabricated free flow exhaust
    -sho intake grate
    -intake grate and ride plate holes filled

    I would like to do next the following mods but would like ask technical assistance before proceeding.

    -intake manifold flame arrestor ribbon...Does this non supercharge engine have one?

    -muffler catalyst(ca units)....does the ho 1800 have a honeycomb catalyst? Has anyone removed and machined this muffler section to improve exhaust flow?

    Any info would would greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    just check the parts listed for a 2009 1800 ho and it shows a ribbon so yes you might be able to delete to to what gain i dont know..

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