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    Accedental reuse of crank seal 700

    Hey guys. Casey has been helping me out a ton with my 1996 SL700 rebuild. He sold me an awesome set of new cylinders, head and pistons. Had Jeff at Midwest rebuild the crank. When I went to put on the cylinder gaskets from my gasket set, I noticed that I accidentally forgot to pitch the old PTO crank seal and reused it since it was on the bench. I noticed on the new seal that there is some grease on the inside where that crank collar/sleeve fits through. So...2 questions. Can I reuse that old seal? And if so, what is the best way of getting that collar out of the seal without marring it up? I really don't care about disassembling everything but am worried about tearing the cylinder gaskets since I don't have another set.



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    You just want to change seal 14 or lubricate it?

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    number 14 is cheap and is what wears , and not replacing it might be a pita later

    you need to spin off the rubber coupler , vise , hammer and crescent wrench is what i used , a little bit of heat as well

    number 12 should be replaced run your finger along number 11 if your nail catches on the line where the old seal rode see if your lucky enough to flip it around or replace number 11 iv hurd they are around 25 $ through sbt or wsm

    number 14 should be around 15-20 oem , you can get decent after markets for 12 $ with the seat front and rear crank seal

    number 12 is just simple oring if i didnt come in your kit then match it up at a hardware/hydraulic shop

    when i redid my seal i bought a cheap set of long curved head needle nose pliers , i took my angle grinder and grinded on the tips till they were real pointy enough to grab and compress the large c clips on the back of the motor

    biggest deal is getting the pto off , once you have that off , make you some c clips pliers like i mentioned above ( you dont even ruin the pliers) , slide the collar out of the seal , rip the old seal out , lube up the bore and the new seal evenly tap it in till it bottoms out on the rear clip ,

    this is a crude method but if your worried about messing up the base gasket ( which you wont unless you glued them on ) do it that way if you hadnt sealed the base gaskets then just take it apart

    i would tap the seal in this order and just imagine i said oclock after each number 12, 8 , 4 , 9, 3 ,6 ,

    lube the collar and oring before slideing them in

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    You just want to change seal 14 or lubricate it?
    I already have the new seal, so I just want to change it. Looks like from Bone's message above, shouldn't be too hard to swap out without disassebling everything. Is it standard practice to change #11 when doing an engine rebuild? Thoughts?

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