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    RXPX: Worx vs R&D Grates - My Thoughts

    I decided to try out two of the highly recommended grates for the RXPX. The WORX and R&D Aquavein. The only other mods I have at the moment are a 4" intake / ride plate holes files and reverse bucket mod.

    After riding them back to back I found the following:

    The R&D had trouble loading the pump when accelerating hard from idle. Once at speed however, the R&D seemed more efficient with less drag. During agressive turns the R&D hooked up well but seemed to be less effective then the WORX. At high speeds the grate was good, but it loves the light chop over the heavy. I will say that this grate seems like its the best choice for top end speed. Fit was good, the R&D definately has a smoother / polished finish.

    The WORX grate had a better holeshot and less cavitation when accelerating hard from idle. I felt like during aggressive turns it stayed hooked up consistently. At high speeds the grate felt planted, keeping the pump loaded through heavy chop. Quality wise, the surface of the metal on the grate was rough compared to the R&D however fit well.

    After trying both, my conclusion is that the WORX grate is a better all around recreational grate while the R&D is the best for top speed. I got about .3 mph more with the R&D on gps. I'm assuming the reason its less prone to overstuff is because it doesnt load the pump as hard. For me, I love hard turns and rough water so would pick the WORX.

    I will be changing the impeller / nozzle / wedge this week and will see if that helps the R&D holeshot. Maybe the combo will be ticket.

    I'm curious what your opinions are on these two grates. They seem to meet very different goals.

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    your opinion seems to be consistent with everyone else's that i've read. apparently the worx won't let you get past a certain speed

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