so Im riding my ski, its running great, I begin to move the vts up and down as part of my checks while im riding. I notice the vts on the gauge jumps rather quickly up and down, so i keep at it trying to figure out whats happening, then BOOM, turns off leaves me stranded. beeps, no fuel pump noise, no gauges, nothing...nothing but a tow boat.

I get home, check all fuses all are good, check connections, all appear well. I let it sit, today i check it again, i push the set button hundreds of times, the start button many times, i leave it...i bang everything, check all connections, keep at pushing the set button, eventually i hear the fuel pump turn on, WOOHOO, I crank it starts, i turn it off, it turns back on rather quickly, Everythings, i put the key in, i the check gauges, i push the vts down,and boom, shes dead again...HELP!!!! No crank, no beeps, no fuel pump, nothing!! again??!!

whats going on here, i pulled the vts switch, i check the vts motor, looks beautiful, i dont see any forms of nothing, its a 2005 seadoo RXP, please help