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    what oil to use for oil change

    Bought ski with 35 hrs ,had just had oil changed have 54hrs and going to change oil myself not sure what oil is in there what oil should i use

    rxp 04
    riva stage one kit

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    nonsynthetic oil
    seadoo 4 stroke or castrol gtx 10w-40. It is the same thing. Only difference is $10 a liter for seadoo oil or $2 a quart for castrol.

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    Castrol GTX 10W40

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    Use any oil, synthetic or not, that is approved for use in motorcycles with wet clutches. I'd bet that a lot of the clutch problems are being caused by the SD oil...just like rave valve problems in their 2 strokes were caused by XPS oil.


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    I'll second Richard, any oil that specifies wet clutch compatable.
    I hate to beat a dead horse but Castrol GTX Does not meet that specification. Castrol stated on the phone that the GTX contains molybendium?? A friction modifier.

    They suggested their motorcycle oil.

    Just my .02


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    I have been using the Castrol GTX 10W40 for three years now. No engine problems, no clutch problems.

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    well i have two for castro and 2 against need more feedback hulk what do you think

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    I use Castrol GTX runs great!

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