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    Fish taling need advise

    Hi, I have a 1997 sl700 and yesterday I was skidding and fish tailing but sometimes it felt like the ski was going backwards when I completed the turn. Is there something wrong or was it my imagination? I was driving it really hard when doing the 360 so I wouldn't tip it over.


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    Its inertia, the ski will tend to keep going in the same direction it's momentum carries it. So if you're going in a straight line and spin 180*, the ski is going to try to carry on backwards. I have done full 360's, you have to hit the spin faster and keep on the throttle through the entire spin.

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    Some guys like the looseness and 'playfulness' of the SL hull without sponsons.

    If you install sponsons along the rear sides of the hull, then it will turn harder, but is not as easy to spin.

    Another way to improve tracking while turning is to install an aftermarket ride plate, like the Ocean Pro R or O ride plates
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    i have used this action to clear the pump of seaweed..
    bust a 180 and hit the kill switch ,then jerk the bars back to you while rocking the ski side to side .
    this always water to go back thru the pump and clear it most times.

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    Thanks guys. I thought that I was going to break something. It makes total sense now that it was explained to me. I was thinking about getting sponsons but I love doing 360's. Will the sponsons make it more stable at idle or with the engine off. I wanted to go fishing off the ski and thought that the sponsons would make it more stable??

    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by sebas54 View Post
    ...Will the sponsons make it more stable at idle or with the engine off?

    I wanted to go fishing off the ski and thought that the sponsons would make it more stable...
    Not really.

    Sponsons work when there is water flowing under them. When stationary, the effect is minimal.

    If you want more stability, switch to a larger hull.

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    Eventually i would love to get a bigger ski but money is super tight so I will have to wait till I can offered a bigger one.

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    I love going 45 and spinning it 180 and then lean forward real hard while going backwards and the ski will ski backwads with the ass end out of the water for like a 100 feet (let go of throttle while ass-end is out of water.)and then lean back real hard and dump the ass in the water and punch it and it will jump out of the water! and take off. what a blast... Love the SLT!!

    I use a pretty cool trick to get weeds off. I bring a small 1/4 inch nylon line with me thats 10 feet long.. I sit on the ski, throw the line over the bow underneath (like a jump rope holding onto both ends ) under the ski and when you get it back to where the pump is, see-saw back and forth as your going over the pump, this will grab, cut or move the weeds away without jumping in and going under the ski to dig it out.. sometimes there just jammed hard in there so..

    just sitting in the water or idling, the sponsons do absolutely nothing. they work only when water is passing over them past an idle.

    Another fun trick on the ski is too get going 45 -50 and then start a hard carve. When your on the egde(almost about to loose it,,) keep it right there on that edge and youll be at maximum slide without skidding into a 180 or a 360.. Fun to ride the EGDE! Its hard to do, theres no sponsons but you can feel when your there.. Do it on glass water..

    Or, go WOT and lean forward just enough to perfectly balance the ski and youll feel it take off a little more as you hit the perfect angle!. thats fun too.. The tach will show ya when your there.

    If your looking for a little more control and not loosing the fun factor, I believe xlint installed some sponsons on "her ride" that will track when turning and still be able to spin 360's and 180's..

    There are super aggresive ones too that will cut like a knife and throw ya off the ski too!.. Sounds like your ski is running great!

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    Awesome, I can't wait to try all those tricks. It sounds like so much fun.

    What the best way to jump wakes or waves? I usually it the gas and aim for the second wave in a wake. When I go over waves I just hit the gas and go. Should I position the trim differently (it's usually down). Should I stand up and shift my weight? I am usually sitting closer to the front.


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