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    Pro-X Pistons and HotRod Crank GP1300R Rebuild

    Alright, I have a bit of a dilema and I haven't been able to find any info after scouring the internet last night and this morning...

    I've got brand new Pro-X piston kits for a GP1300R, the kits include piston, rings, wristpin, and c-clips. I'm installing these in a motor with a brand new HotRods crank.

    My problem is there appears to be a lot of play at the top of the rod where the wristpin bearing doesn't stay centered in the rod.

    My question is, are these pistons supposed to use thrust washers when being installed? Wouldn't you think if they should need washers, they would be included in the kit? Can I use washers to solve my problem even though they might not "supposed" to need them.

    Pro-X does make a washer identical to the size of the OEM thurst washer. However, like I said earlier, it's not included in the piston kit. I've got new OEM washers, do I just use those?

    Does anyone have any experience with these things (Pro-X pistons)? Any help or suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks guys

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    Just use OEM thrust washers.

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    are you using the wrist pin bearings that came with the POS.....cough....cough Hot Rods crank? and yes you must use the thrust washers on either side, make sure you install them facing the correct way (consult your service manual)

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