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    99 XLL1200 Sponsons

    I am newbie to Greenhulk, but have found the site very usefull in deciding to purchase a used 99 XLL1200 with 75hrs. from my local Jetski dealer. I am an experienced Jetski owner from past, but have been with boats for several years now and was missing the fun of the ski. I am experienced with 2cycles and decided to go that route. My goal with this ski is reliability and handling only!! No more modifing and jetting for me, and this ski looks terrible to jet with that engine and exhaust. My first ride revealed several problems, first, someone put the wrong sparkplugs in it and it ran bad, easily fixed thankfully and all else seemed good with totally stock ski. except. Second, the handling at low speeds is terrible with two people on it, rocks or lists badly, turns are hard to control smoothly. Reading in this forum, I can see this ski is pretty bad that way. I have already ordered the grate, plate, pump stuffers and PV clip kit which should help some, but I always liked what sponsons do for a ski. I would really like to have a set of aftermarket sponsons and favor beachhouse but do not see a set specifically for this model.

    Long story, short question: Will other yr model sponsons or brands fit to this ski with out major work???? Would the following year models stock sponsons (2001-2004) be better than the 1999 stock sponsons. Thanks for the help, site is great!
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    99xll sponsons

    I have beach house on my 99xll. any sponson made for xlt will work. there are many out there, good luck.

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    I have that same ski, beachhouse does make them. You need a d plate and chip for it. The exhaust takes about 15 minutes to remove, looks worse then it is. I have a rd power plenum and new riva stuffers for it if your interested

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    Did you like the beachhouse sponsons?

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    Yes, the D plate and chip do seem to be in my future if I want reliability. Glad to hear it is not too hard to install. Do you think it changes jetting? I seem to read a lot of different things about that.

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    I've had good results with XLT sponsoons on my XLL. I'd spend the money on a ride plate first.

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    R&D ride plate match to pump shoe

    The R&D ride plate is flat on bottom and the XLL1200 is v shaped, is this a problem? I rechecked my order and it is all correct. Looks odd but it may work ok just don't see that as being best solutions, but what do I know?

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    XLT sponsons ordered

    So far I have the D plate installed and have decided to rejet per Riva's Tip sheet, also, have the Waveeater clips installed and found they go on alot better when you follow instructions and remove the plastic clip also. Boy do they tighten the linkages of the valves, just has to be a big improvement in overall running and HP at top and bottom. Those plastic linkages were crap, sorry Yamaha another BOOBOO. Plus I checked the oil lines another well documented booboo for Yamaha, all could be pulled off easily, but for some reason especially easy on #3 which I have seen so many here say seized for unknown reason. Please every one owes it to them selves to check these oil lines. I used a double ziptie and that seemed to get them on there tight, but just saw where someone else is going to use the "herbie" clip (I think I used to call them allegator clips) but they look like what Yamaha should have used in first place, boy what a bad PR this must have caused for my favorite piano company. Next is to address the handling, with the R&D grate, ride plate, pump stuffer, and XLT sponsons. I should have a fast, reliable, and fun ski when I am done for 1/4 price of a new one. That's the goal anyway, I'll be posting the results soon.

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    I too am interested in this...

    Keep us posted on this... I have a 99 XLL and am interested in getting my speed out of my stock ski... I have purchased a intake grate (haven't put it on yet... Any tips for speed on that?) I hope to get a ride plate soon!

    Is a R & D the same as a Jim's plate? Or is Jim's the way to go???


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    what ever came of your mods and your ski?

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