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Thread: Need RXP Hull

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    Need RXP Hull

    I bought a ski from an insurance auction it had been slung off a trailer. They issused a Non repairable title for it. I got it home and started to part out the ski on Ebay. But the more I messed with it I relized it wasnt as bad as it looked so after alot of fiberglass work and electrical problems I got in back to water worthy conditions and thought I would be able to go get it inspected and be ready to go. But it was easier said than done. I have been trying to get it registered for the last 2 months and they say its not possible. So im back to the drawing board. I need some Help!!

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    you're screwed

    you bought a parts boat, plain and simple, the insurance company paid off the original owner big time, so big in fact that they never want to see that boat in the water again ( hence not even a salvage title). You wasted your time with the fiberglass work, the hull is poison, unless you are going to do something illegal, chalk it up to I'll know better next time and buy a legit hull with a blown engine ( shouldn't be that problematical) and stick your stuff in there.

    Hope you were the only bidder and got it cheap.

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    Im looking for a hull if anyone has one cheap dont matter what condition

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    RXPpete118 on here has an RXP-X hull for sale.

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    Im in need of a hull like real bad im needing to get my ski back on the water.

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