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    Need a RXP Hull or Paper Work

    I bought a ski from an insurance auction it had been slung off a trailer. They issused a Non repairable title for it. I got it home and started to part out the ski on Ebay. But the more I messed with it I relized it wasnt as bad as it looked so after alot of fiberglass work and electrical problems I got in back to water worthy conditions and thought I would be able to go get it inspected and be ready to go. But it was easier said than done. I have been trying to get it registered for the last 2 months and they say its not possible. So im back to the drawing board. I need some Help!!

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    i am making a new hull myself ..

    i talked to a coast guard officer..he said you can do it you willl just need to get a home built title..and new vin will be given to have a title showing where the rest of the stuff came from..

    i am going to be making molds ect so i will be a new hull ..he said i could register myself as a boat builder and they would give me a set up for numbers..

    i havent verified any of this just what he said

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