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Thread: 15F Big-Bore

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    15F Big-Bore

    What it the most displacement that can be had from the 15F motor?
    I'm aware of a 1600cc option, but I thought I saw someone say 1800cc ??? What about with steel sleeves???

    Sorry if this thread has been done bofore but the other ones seemed to get off-topic...

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    The issue comes from the supporting parts, its cheaper to supercharge or turbocharge it, because there are no off the shelf parts available for a bigbore motor. the 1600 kit is designed for a supercharged motor and only runs 9.5 to 1 compression. you can go the route I am and put in cams, high compression forged pistons, and a massaged cylinder head. It will be cheaper than boring an getting custom parts made and easier on the stock parts. The only other way I would go is a supercharger or turbo. it costs a nice chunk of money to bore and plate the cylinders for not that much extra displacement. As far as max bore I would not go more than 86mm and that would be really big, 86mm would make the walls pretty thin.


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